If I could tell you all the things I want to say to you,

If I could put into words all the feelings I have for you,

If you could just receive them with no comment

No answer back, not a word in reply; If I could just have a moment,

I would tell you what you’ve meant to me throughout the years.


If I really wanted you to know the depth of my emotions,

If I could have a one-sided conversation with your heart,

I’d use your own voice to let you know you’re my north star

I’d repeat to you the effortless words that keep changing me


To the insecure me, you’ve said “Wow, you’re so beautiful!”

The discouraged me have heard “I am so proud of you!”

To the remorseful me, you’ve insisted “what’s done is done, you just go forward now!”

The overly sensitive me definitely heard “Do you want me to treat you like eggs?!”


Now if I’m being honest, this is my least favourite one ‘cause you know, I can be overly sensitive..

But seriously, mummy, 


If I could tell you all the things I mean to say but don’t always,

I’d tell you just just exactly what you represent to me.

If I could thank you for YOU,

I’d erase all your pain and wounds, the known and unknown ones

I’d give you the world plus a galaxy!


But if I couldn’t do half of these things,

I’d just say I LOVE YOU!


4 thoughts on “If

  1. Maman qui t'adore

    Oh, my baby.
    These words touch my heart at a level
    You and me can’t know.
    Je suis fiere de toi my Ndondo, my unique daughter, and love you sooòooo much.
    Des fois je souhaite vivre tres longtemps ngo nzokubone ugeze mubigero, aho nifuza ko uzogera. Et je sais que je te verrai dans cette place dans la grande societe du grand monde. Sinshaka guca ndakwandikira nanje aga poem que je ne saurais meme pas ecrire, les mots qu’ il faut me manqueraient. Tou simplent retiens ceci : Je t’aime d’ un amour tres fort. Je prie pour toi, que le Tout Puissant fasse de toi la personne que tu voudrais etre dans la vie


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